Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP) option for visitor seeking long term stay in Singapore

Update 2013:

Please note the Long Term Visit Pass for Retirees visa has been discontinued by ICA. Article left intact for historicity.

There is good news for visitors who are looking for long-term stay in Singapore. These maybe for reasons like retirement, seek superior medical facilities or for world class education for your children. If you are not looking at the traditional route of applying for an employment pass to gain long term stay option in Singapore, the other possibility you can look at is a Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP)  issued by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA). 

An option to apply for a LTVP is available based on the eligibility criteria laid down below,

Eligibility Criteria

Visitors should be,

  1. 45 years old and above;
  2. Own a property / properties in Singapore worth at least S$500,000 (in total) for residential purposes and meet any one of the following financial requirements:
    • have savings of at least S$400,000 parked in Singapore in any form of financial instruments based in Singapore, or
    • show evidence of a monthly local income of at least S$7,000, or
    • have a combined, savings and 5-year equivalent income of at least $400,000.
  3. must be in good health
  4. have valid Medical Insurance in Singapore

The LTVP is granted for a period upto 5 years and at the time of renewals, the pass holder seeking renewals should meet the same criteria.


Can dependents apply for passes along with main pass holder?


The main pass holder’s spouse and unmarried children can apply for LTVP dependent passes. These passes are tied to the main pass and for any reason, if the primary pass is cancelled or revoked, all dependent passes stand automatically cancelled


Documents required


The supporting documents (other than application forms) required for the main pass holder are as below


For dependent pass holders, apart from applicable forms and identity documents, proof of marriage (marriage certificate) of birth certificate naming both parents is required.


Note – Documents not in English should be translated into English and certified by the Singapore Embassy or authorised translator



The expected time for completion of this process is about 6 weeks.


Is a security deposit needed?


Under certain circumstances, ICA does ask for a security deposit to be made as part of the LTVP application. The amount required is known only after ICA commences processing your application.


What happens after the application is approved?


The outcome of your application can be known online or will be posted across to the designated address. If the result is positive, you can proceed to make an appointment with ICA to collect the LTVP card. Any formalities that is to be completed can be done at the time of your appointment.


Source – The details provided in the article is sourced from the website of ICA, Singapore. The post is only meant for information purposes and cannot be construed as professional advice. If you are interested in applying for an LTVP under this scheme, please contact Servolve at info@servolve.com


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