Changes to Dependants Pass privileges for Singapore Work Pass Holders

MOM has published a latest set of rules to tighten the criteria for work pass holders to sponsor dependants.

The following are the main changes proposed,

  1.  S Pass and Employment Pass (EP) holders need to earn a fixed monthly salary of at least     $4,000 to sponsor the stay of their spouse and children here.
  2.  P1 Pass holders will no longer be able to bring in their parents-in-law.They may still bring in their parents, spouse and children.
  3. P2 Pass holders will no longer be able to bring in their parents or parents-in-law. They may still bring in their spouse and children.

The changes will take effect from 1st September, 2012. The changes do not affect current employment pass holders until they switch jobs.Once they do they are in the new Dependant Pass framework as described above. This is a part of the overhaul being done by the Singapore government to reduce dependence on foreign manpower and to give more opportunities to Singaporeans. Despite being a cosmopolitan city, there has been increasing dissatisfaction among citizens about the inflow of foreigners into Singapore. MOM also clarified that Singapore still welcomes highly skilled foreign workers to work and settle in Singapore.

We are of the opinion that this represents an intelligent approach by the Ministry of Manpower – they are taking a nuanced, well thought out approach. They do have a tough job on their plate of juggling the understandable & justified demand of the local population to curb inflow of foreigners while remaining a vibrant economy attracting the smartest of talent, who are globally mobile.

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